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Writing Process

Posted by Rowena Cory Daniells on April 15, 2011

This one is for the Gorgeous Goth Girl, who dropped by the writers’ table at Brisbane Supanova and asked if I could do a post about the Writing Process.

Writing Process is such a huge topic, I thought I’d review some of the posts we’ve done in the last couple of years.

Starting with the Aspiring Writer’s Check list.

Here is one on the Writing Process.

First of all, are a plotter or a pantser? And what can you do about plotting?

So how do you grab the reader in the first 10 minutes?

One of my favourites that I like to use, Deep Point of View.

And here’s a really nerdy one, Characterization through View Point, revealed by Action.

How do you integrate back story?

And here’s one we all need to beware of The Sagging Middle!

What if you were going really well with your book, then life got in the way and you had to go off and do something else for a couple of months and now you want to get back into the book? See here for tips on getting back into your manuscript.

When it is all done, then there’s the Revision and Editing.

But don’t just listen to me. One of the writers I keep going back to is Holly Lisle. This is her page of extensive writing tips. Here is her page on courage for writers.  Frankly, we all need the courage to believe in ourselves. And this is Holly’s page on How to Finish your novel. And while we are talking about really useful site with lots of writing tips, there’s our very own Richard Harland’s 145 page guide to Writing. He breaks it into Good Writing Habits, The Elements, Characters, Story, Language and Getting Published.

There you are, Gorgeous Goth Girl, no excuse not to get stuck into your manuscript!

Out of curiosity, are there an requests from our readers?


5 Responses to “Writing Process”

  1. […] And while I’m at it, I promised the Gorgeous Goth Girl to do a post on the Writing Process. Here it is. […]

  2. Thanks for this grab bag of articles. It’s great to refresh one’s mind every so often on the things that have been left behind/forgotten/slipped under the mulch on the floor.

    One thing I keep coming across in writing advice is to use ‘beats’. How dialogue is kept grounded by beats. Huh? In the article on Sagging Middles I read just now, ‘beats’ seems to be used in a different way. Any ideas on beats in dialogue?

    • Rita, when I think of beats in dialogue, I think of the beats in a spoken conversation on stage or in a movie. You have have a beat (pause in dialogue) which is often more powerful than words being spoken.

      I’ll look into beats in written dialogue.

      • Thanks. My first though it always music, the beats in a rhythm.

        A pause, yes, I like it. A comma can form a pause. But usually a pause has to be filled with something, words on the page, about what — to keep the power of the moment?

    • When you watch a movie, there’s a visual to keep the mind occupied. With a book it is harder.

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