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Tam Tam award

Posted by richardharland on June 5, 2011

Yay! WORLDSHAKER has been out a year in France, and it’s just picked up a very important award – THE most important award for YA fiction, according to the Allen & Unwin agent in Paris. The Tam Tam award is voted on by a jury of young readers, and they picked Worldshaker! Formidable!

Here’s the link –

9 Responses to “Tam Tam award”

  1. Wow Richard. Great news!!

    Of course being Australian I read it as the Tim Tam award!

  2. I expect an Oscar-like statuette made of crunchy chocolate biscuit with a chocolate coating. Alas, I don’t think there’s any award object, only la gloire!

  3. Louise Curtis said

    Congratulations Richard!

    Yesterday was my husband’s birthday, and our friend Ben gave him his cunningly acquired (and stealthily pre-read by yours truly) copy of “Liberator”. The guest of honour was mystified when Ben gave him a present in one of our own gift bags…then he was delighted to discover for the first time that the book was out…and then he was utterly confused to see it signed to his name.

    *dusts hands smugly* My job here is done.

    And it’s every bit as good as “Worldshaker”, if not better. A fascinating take on. . . well, I can’t say anything about the plot without spoilers 🙂

    Louise Curtis

  4. Congratulations to Richard! C’est très génial!

    — Laura

  5. Congrats Richard.

  6. Thoraiya said

    Yes, congrats. If you come across as a genius even in translation, that’s gotta be good.

    “Col Porpentine, 16 ans, apprend qu’à sa majorité il devra succéder à son grand-père aux commandes du Worldshaker, gigantesque unité à vapeur où il a toujours vécu aux côtés de l’élite britannique. ”

    French is so damn pretty. I’ve gotta learn me it one day.

  7. Thanks, Nicole, thanks Thoraiya!, thanks Laura. I’m now a card-carrying.Francophile. How could I not love a language that contains such beautiful-sounding words as ‘prix’ and ‘lauréat’?

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