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The Creature Court Fashion Challenge Contest

Posted by tansyrr on November 9, 2011

It’s Nanowrimo so I’m currently swamped with writing a new novel. I hated it bitterly for the first week, resenting every 1667 I had to squeeze out of a stone daily, and devastated that the book I had been waiting two years to write was betraying me so badly.

But now it’s week 2, my momentum is up, and I’m falling happily in love with exactly the same novel. Ah, the ups and downs of the writering.

There are still a couple of months before the release of Reign of Beasts, the third in my Creature Court trilogy, and to celebrate I am making a quilt. Well, I started making a quilt, and then I photographed some of the bits, and then I stopped making a quilt. The *important* detail is that I was able to print up some gorgeous postcards in honour of four of the novel’s heroines – Velody, Rhian, Delphine and Livilla – and I have a plan to write sneak peek excerpts of Book 3 onto said postcards, and release them into the wild.

If you are one of those people hanging out for Reign of Beasts (and particularly if you are among those people who were counting on it being out in October – sorry about that!) then all you have to do to earn a postcard hand-written with a tantalising glimpse of Book 3 is:

Design or describe an outfit for one of the characters of the Creature Court novels to wear.


Everyone who enters the contest & provides me with a postal address [to creaturecourt (at) – please don’t post addresses in comments] will receive a Creature Court postcard with a juicy snippet from Book 3 hand-written by me.

You can take the challenge as seriously or as flippantly as you choose. I look forward to seeing your entries. Unless you request otherwise, I will post your entries on my blog. If you wish me to remove them from public display at any time, just ask.

Competition is open until 15th December or until I run out of postcards, whichever comes first!

The first wave of entries are up here and I have another batch to put up shortly. The sooner you enter, the sooner you will get your postcard!

One Response to “The Creature Court Fashion Challenge Contest”

  1. Tansy, I love the way your characters dress in the Creature Court trilogy! I think it would translate well to the screen.

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