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Rain and fans …

Posted by richardharland on December 3, 2011

So sad – we can see the end of the Paris is it approaching, and we’re nowhere near ready to go!

Here’s me in my steampunk goggles, aspromised

I put them on now and then when doing signings this afternoon, and for interview photo afterwards.

Today we got rained on – not heavy bucketfuls of rain, Australia-style, but it lasted the whole morning, varying back and forth between drizzle and light shower. Aileen and I enjoyed the St Ouen flea market experience we went to another at Montreuil (not far from the Salon or Book Fair). Whereas Montreuil was more serious vintage and antiques oriented – and more expensive – Montreuil was mostly clothing, secondhand or cheap, a treasure trove of everything imaginable. We were selective only because we have to keep inside weight restrictions for the flight home. I bought apadded jerkin, Aileen ought an amazing skirt and a dozen other small items. Only problem was the rain – these were open-air stalls – plus the fact that my fold-up umbrella turned inside and then started coming loose from the prongs. It was only half an umbrella by the end.

So we headed back to our apartment. I was on for two hours signing at the end of the afternoon, then had an interview with Nathan, a big fan of the juggernaut books, and his brother and friend. I really feel as if I have ‘fans’ in France more than any other country – young readers who don’t just like the books, or love the books, but who get right behind them and influence others to read them. It’s a great feeling to have that special level of support!

3 Responses to “Rain and fans …”

  1. Sounds like you’ll be sorry to come home, Richard.

    Could you get a residency or a fellowship and spend a year in Paris or the South of France to write? Not that we want to get rid of you.

  2. Ian Irvine said

    Richard, sounds like a wonderful trip. May your French sales ever increase. Are there any other Aussie spec fic writers who’ve done well in France? I don’t know of any. Cheers, ian

  3. Richard said

    Yes, I’ll be sorry to come home, but still, it’s the only way I’ll ever get any work done. Even finding time for Tansy’s MS, I’ve barely read twenty pages.

    I’m sure other Aussies have done well in France, Ian. I know Alison Goodman did a visit for her fantasy book. Can’t help thinking it’s a bit like the old French literary salons – special groups that set the pace, make the judgements, create the fashions.

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