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Wow! The A. Bertram Chandler Award!

Posted by richardharland on June 14, 2012

I couldn’t believe it on Sunday night, when I got a text from Jack Dann saying he’d just presented me with the A. Bertram Chandler Award for 2012 at the Melbourne Natcon – only I wasn’t there. I felt bad not to have accepted in person, though I’m sure Jonathan Strahan did a great job accepting on my behalf – but what an occasion to miss. It’s the first Melbourne Con or Natcon I’ve missed in ages.

Of course, I had no idea I might win anything, let alone the A. Bertram Chandler Award, which is an overall award for making a major contribution to Australian SF and spec fiction. I look over the list of previous recipients and think, wow, do I really belong in that company? It’s a huge honour, and I feel kind of humbled.

The actual prizes arrived today – a massive decorative plate, a lovely little engraved glass plinth, and a framed citation certificate. I took a photo –

Hmm, not sure if that shows up very well. I did my best!
I wasn’t the only RORee winner on the night – but since I wasn’t there, I’ll leave Tansy to report …


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Supanova steampunk documentary!

Posted by richardharland on June 6, 2012

It’s a week and a half to the Sydney Supanova – the special big bash, Supanova’s tenth anniversary celebration. Not only stars of film and TV (more than I can list – check ’em out at but also two RORees as author guests – Marianne de Pierres and yours truly, Richard Harland! (the overseas author is Christopher Paolini, of Eragon fame)

For me, the most exciting bit will be the filming of a steampunk documentary. Michael Pryor and I will be doing a panel on all-you-ever-wanted-to-know about Steampunk, and filming will take place during and after the panel. Come in steampunk togs if you have any – or come anyway.

Here’s the official invite, open to anyone attending Supanova on the day –

“Would you like to appear in a Steampunk TV documentary? Simply, attend Michael Pryor and Richard Harland’s panel over the weekend at Supanova in Sydney. Filming will take place during the panel as well as an opportunity to be interviewed straight after the panel. So come dressed in your best outfit and tell us why you love Steampunk! Tell your friends and family to come along and make this event one to remember!

Keep checking this page for confirmation of which day and room this event will be held.

We look forward to seeing you there.”

For any further information, please contact Trevor Howis at

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Aurealis Award night

Posted by richardharland on May 13, 2012

I had to tear myself away from revision work on the latest novel (I’m really in the flow!) to go to the Aurealis Awards last night – but so glad I did! The turnout was amazing – people from every state, a who’s who of spec fic in Australia. I’ve never seen an Awards night better attended by authors and publishers. It was so great to catch up with friends!

Our own Margo on the left there, Kate Forsyth in the middle and Kaaron Warren on the right.
The venue is the old Independent Theatre in North Sydney, with its spectacular ceiling. Not sure if it’ll come out in this photo-

That’s when people were filing in, and Rob Hood’s first bit of video was showing on the screen. (The first time video clips were used was in the Brisbane Aurealis Award nights, if I remember.)
ROR was fairly quiet in the awards list this year – hey, we gotta be fair, we did so amazingly well last year. Trent received an Honourable Mention for best Horror Novel, which in this particular year meant one of the 2 best Aus horror novels published. (Especially honourable when he wasn’t even supposed to appear in that category!) Tansy went up along with Alisa Krasnostein and Alex Pierce to collect the Peter Macnamara award for major contribution to the growth of Aus spec fic in any form … in this case, the form of their feminist spec fiction podcast, Galactic Suburbia (check it out if you haven’t already!) Here’s the presentation –

Alisa on the left, Tansy in centre, Alex sort of hidden behind Tehani Wessely. Tehani not only presented that award but was official judge-wrangler for the awards in general.

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Richard and Trent at Gold Coast Supanova

Posted by richardharland on April 18, 2012

(Richard writes) I’ve been a hermit lately – a very productive hermit, finishing the next novel. (Steampunk, of course – same world as the juggernaut books, but a different time and different characters.) Now I’m going to get out and about again – starting this weekend with Supanova on the Gold Coast. I’ve been invited as a guest, and so has fellow-RORee, Trent Jamison. It’ll be great to catch up, Trent – seems a long long time since we met outside of cyberspace.

Michael Pryor and I will be doing a joint presentation on – of course – Steampunk! (Sunday at 3.15) Costumes and videoclips and readings and all sorts of wonderful things are guaranteed! Trent – if I can speak for you – I see you’re on at 2.40 Saturday with Kylie Chan, talking about Storytellin.

I’m really looking forward to it because I’ve never attended a Supanova before – but I hear the buzz is fantastic. I’ve just found an image of the hotel where I’ll be staying, the Hilton at Surfers –

How about that? I just hope it doesn’t topple over between now and Friday night.
Supanova itself is in the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre at Broadbeach. The authors’ gang includes Keri Arthur, Bevan McGuinness, Brandon Sanderson (the American author who’s continuing Robert Howard’s series) and, I think, Alison Croggan, as well as Trent, Michael and myself. The media stars are even more dazzling, but still, that’s quite a show of authors. It’s going to be grrrrreat!

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Launched! Reign of Beasts and Sea Hearts

Posted by tansyrr on February 4, 2012

Five of ROR’s members – Rowena Cory Daniells, Richard Harland, Tansy Rayner Roberts, Margo Lanagan and Dirk Flinthart were joined by many others at the Hobart Bookshop this Thursday so that Rowena could launch Tansy’s new book Reign of Beasts [third and final book of the Creature Court trilogy] and Richard could launch Margo’s Sea Hearts, the expanded novel based on her World Fantasy Award winning novella of the same name.

They don’t get Sea Hearts in the US until September! Poor things.

You can see my expanded write up of the launch here, and a bunch of great photos of the event here, thanks to Tehani Wessely. Margo has some different pics on her own blog, including a lovely one with our hosts, Chris and Janet of the Hobart Bookshop. It was so nice to meet and chat with so many people, and come together in a celebration of books at the end of our ROR week (of which, more later).

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One last photo

Posted by richardharland on December 12, 2011

I misunderstood – the photos I put up last weren’t from Montreuil’s official photographer. But this one is –

That was at the literary Battle of the Books, when I presented a couple of books to the winner (Sarah, the one who looks so happy!)
The photo is © Eric Garault for
CPLJ, 2011

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One More Sleep

Posted by richardharland on November 22, 2011

One more sleep, then Aileen and I fly off to Paris. 26 hours on planes and in airports – not good. But then two weeks in Paris – very very good! Visits to bookshops, signings at the Montreuil Book Fair, and plenty of free time as well for strolling the boulevards, nibbling the pastries, sipping the wine and generally drinking up gallons and gallons of ambiance.
Only qualm – leaving my cat, Habibi. But Michelle’s moving into the house to look after him, so he’ll probably have a ball. Here’s a photo –
Yeah, he’s looking pretty smug already. But hey, we’ll be smug in Paris, once we’ve got over that 26 hours.
I’m blogging the trip on – Maybe I said that before?

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Write Under Pressure, Edit at Leisure… right?

Posted by tansyrr on October 9, 2011

La! You are done for the day. Have a cup of tea.

I finished writing a book last week, which should feel like a huge, milestone moment, except of course it’s not. I got to the end of the book, having written all the scenes I think should be in the book, and that’s a most excellent thing.

But it’s not finished, I know it’s not finished, and all the editing, tweaking and tidying I need to do to make it even pretend to be finished, is overwhelming me.

A lot of writers use word metrics to track their progress on a book. This is a lie. We know it’s a lie. We know that you can have a perfectly good, productive day on a book that leaves you with less words than you started with. And we know that you can write 3000 words that are going to need to be chopped out the following week.

But we keep using wordcount as a tracking system, because it can be tracked – it’s one of the few systems we can use to mark regular progress and that’s important, because without that momentum, it’s hard to get back regularly and get the damn thing finished.

Momentum is my friend. Lurching from Chapter 1 to Chapter 30, I need momentum desperately. It’s the only way (for me) to get through writing something as hefty as a novel. I’ve found that it takes me a few weeks of pretending I am the kind of writer who sits down and produces words every day, before something clicks and I actually am that writer.

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On a French Roll!

Posted by richardharland on June 6, 2011

Another award in France! Yippee! Hot on the heels of the Tam-Tam, this time it’s the Prix Lucioles, decided by a jury of eight readers! I don’t know any more than that yet.

Meanwhile, the Tam-Tam Je Bouquine has been formally conferred, and my French publisher, Sophie Giraud of Hélium was there to accept it. Here’s the webpage –

That probably won’t be very readable, but in the bottom panel, the jury members say things like:
Pauline, 12: “Amazing, lots of suspense, we go into another universe and then forget to go to school!”
Valérie, 15: “An unforgettable kiss!” [that’s Col and Riff in Chapter 12]
Paul, (7th grade): “Beautiful story, beautiful writing … we are immediately hooked!”
Michael, 13: “[I voted for Worldshaker] because I do not like science-fiction, but I loved this novel, half science-fiction, half adventure, with a love story stuck in the middle!”
Louise, 13: “Worldshaker moved me because these two characters should never have met one another. And Col is really brave to confront his family to defend other people’s freedom. Amazing also to settle a whole world on a boat! I can’t wait to read the sequel.”

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Tam Tam award

Posted by richardharland on June 5, 2011

Yay! WORLDSHAKER has been out a year in France, and it’s just picked up a very important award – THE most important award for YA fiction, according to the Allen & Unwin agent in Paris. The Tam Tam award is voted on by a jury of young readers, and they picked Worldshaker! Formidable!

Here’s the link –

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