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Horror Stories

If you enjoy movies like Sixth Sense, Exorcist, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Ghost Busters, Buffy,  Carrie and Interview with a Vampire, then you’ll like horror fiction.
Many of these movies were based on horror books/stories.

‘The God at Ixtlan del Rio’ by Richard Harland
Published Wicked Hollow Blindside Net Publications

White dusty road for two hundred kilometers, all the way from Ixtlán del Rio to Guadalajara. People on foot glancing up with guarded eyes, shifting hurriedly to the shoulders of the road. The sun like a blowtorch, its dazzle reflecting from every surface. Occasionally a truck or a donkey-cart blocks the way. Light and heat and dust . . .   Read Richard’s story The God at Ixtlan del Rio

‘Anabiosis’ by Trent Jamieson
Published Ticonderoga Online

I am sitting in a room talking to a dead man. He is smoking a cigarette. What do the dead smoke?

Read Trent’s story Anabiosis

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