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  • We meet every year or so to critique our manuscripts. We are united by a passion for the speculative fiction genre and the craft of writing. (And sharing good food and wine doesn't go amiss, either).

    The ROR Writers

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    Paul Garrety
    Ben Peek & Stephanie Campisi
    Ian Irvine
    Sally Newham
    Michele Cashmore
    Thoraiya Dyer
    A A Bell
    Lara Morgan
    Paul Collins
    Glenda Larke
    Kylie Chan
    Dave Freer
    Rhonda Roberts
    Edwina Harvey
    Nicole Murphy
    Lynne Jamneck
    Dave Freer
    Kate Forsyth
    Cat Sparks

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ROR Writers

Top Row

Marianne de Pierres (ROR Founder) Forged in Steel

(Also writes as Marianne Delacourt)

Margo Lanagan Still waters run deep

Maxine McArthur Prefers Horses to People

Rowena Cory Daniells (ROR Founder) Never say Die

Bottom Row

Tansy Rayner Roberts Sharp but Sweet

Richard Harland Beware the Dark Side

Dirk Flinthart The Green Man of Myth

Trent Jamieson A True Romantic


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  1. […] when she was 19. (She was  20). Tansy and I have kept in touch. We’re both member of the ROR writing group. Since then Tansy has married had two children, completed her PHD, won more awards for her writing […]

  2. […] I belong to a writing group called ROR who have saved my sanity over the years. I see you belong to a group called The T Party. How did […]

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