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If you enjoy movies like Star Wars, the Matrix, Dr Who, Star Gate, Jurassic Park, ET, Men in Black, I am Legend, Bladerunner, War of the Worlds and 2001 a Space Odyssey, then you’ll like science fiction.  Many of these movies were based on science fiction books/stories.

‘Nikei’ by Marianne de Pierres
Published Fantastic Fiction Agog Press

Style Image is just a glorified tattooists and Sharin-A is a tough piece of work. But she’s got a reputation as the best. I watch the green fish on her wallpaper expel bubbles from their gills while she works.     Read Marianne’s Story Nikei Love

‘New Talk’ by Richard Harland
Published Oceans of the Mind Trantor

‘Storyteller! A storyteller! Come to port!’
I remember the cries, the excitement. I was only fourteen years old, and didn’t understand at first. We had storytellers enough in our own towns and villages. Why did we need a storyteller from foreign parts?    Read Richard’s story New Talk

‘Slow and Ache’ by Trent Jamieson
Published Aurealis 36

This story won an Aurealis Award

My Jakit bristled with elegances, the best money could buy. I had the contacts and the crew. The best company, the best Spartoi on this edge of the solar system. All of it mine.
And none of it made any difference.   Read Trent’s story Slow and Ache

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