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Book Release Week

Posted by tansyrr on June 1, 2010

So Power and Majesty was officially released yesterday – sadly that doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to find it on the shelves yet! There’s a difference between release date and “in-store” date – the June 1 books from HarperVoyager are either appearing on 28 May or 8 June, and apparently mine is in the later slot. This means that the books might be in the shops in boxes, but they’re not obliged to put them on the shelves yet! That doesn’t mean you might not find an early copy floating around, but for those of you who have been eyeing the shelves, you can stand down for a few days.

Of course, if you order a copy, that gives them incentive to open the box sooner, right?

Meanwhile, one shop which does have copies is the Hobart Bookshop, which is hosting my book launch tomorrow:

The Hobart Bookshop
presents the launch by Craig Wellington
of Tansy Rayner Roberts’
Power and Majesty.
5:30 pm, Thursday 3rd June,
22 Salamanca Square, Hobart.
All welcome to this free event.

There’s still plenty to be done, and I don’t just mean selecting which animal ears to put on my children for the launch. I was on local AM radio last night, explaining the difference between epic fantasy and urban fantasy to Annie Warburton, and plugging the launch, of course.

I’ve also been podcasting with teaser readings from the book, which might be of interest! You can play them on the page here, or download them directly here: Episode One, Episode Two. If you’d rather listen to them through iTunes, then search for ‘creaturecourtcast’ in the catalogue.


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