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World Con Fever

Posted by mdepierres on August 19, 2010

… is amongst us. Only about ten days to go until a lot of us hit Melbourne for the once-in-every-ten-year event. My calendar is filling up with fun things. I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.

So far I’m going to the Orbit Hugo’s party, hanging out at the Twelfth Planet Press table to sign copies of Glitter Rose, catching up with Orbiteers – my mentees from the Orbit Manuscript Development week in 2008, interviewing YA authors for the Burn Bright site, manning the SFWA suite, sneaking into the Voyager party, gabbing on panels galore, signing at Borders South Wharf and … phew my head is starting to swim. Then there’s the FB friends party and the every-other-room-party.

What are you guys going to do down there? Hope you’re planning to make the most of it! What things have I missed out on?

And before I head off to pack ┬áhere’s my all time hangover cure … see you at the breakfast bain-marie.

Marianne x

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