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Supanova steampunk documentary!

Posted by richardharland on June 6, 2012

It’s a week and a half to the Sydney Supanova – the special big bash, Supanova’s tenth anniversary celebration. Not only stars of film and TV (more than I can list – check ’em out at but also two RORees as author guests – Marianne de Pierres and yours truly, Richard Harland! (the overseas author is Christopher Paolini, of Eragon fame)

For me, the most exciting bit will be the filming of a steampunk documentary. Michael Pryor and I will be doing a panel on all-you-ever-wanted-to-know about Steampunk, and filming will take place during and after the panel. Come in steampunk togs if you have any – or come anyway.

Here’s the official invite, open to anyone attending Supanova on the day –

“Would you like to appear in a Steampunk TV documentary? Simply, attend Michael Pryor and Richard Harland’s panel over the weekend at Supanova in Sydney. Filming will take place during the panel as well as an opportunity to be interviewed straight after the panel. So come dressed in your best outfit and tell us why you love Steampunk! Tell your friends and family to come along and make this event one to remember!

Keep checking this page for confirmation of which day and room this event will be held.

We look forward to seeing you there.”

For any further information, please contact Trevor Howis at

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Raring to ROR…

Posted by Rowena Cory Daniells on January 18, 2012

As some of you might know our ROR writing group gets together every 12 – 18 months to critique our books in progress.

Back in 2001 at the first ROR we read Margo Lanagan’s Black Juice anthology and wept over Singing my Sister Down, which went on to win a World Fantasy Award. That was also the year we read Maxine Mc Arthur’s Less than Human, which went on to win the Aurealis Award for SF in 2004.

Since then there have been many RORs, and critiqued many books. Some of these books have been shelved or are still waiting to be completed and others  have been published, some of have won awards or been shortlisted for awards. (This reminds me I must update our success page. There’s been more sales since then. My bad).

For those of you who are interested, I’ve blogged about how to set up your own ROR group and how we critique. There are eight of us, but due to life, family and deadlines we don’t get to every ROR. (I’ve done them all so far, but I’m a bit of a ROR groupie. I even maintain this site in my spare time. All very sad, really).

Our next ROR is coming up in a couple of weeks. Having a deadline to get a book written for is a great motivator. We’re all madly reading each other’s WIPs (Works-in-progress), writing reports and planning to run away and be full time writers for a week!

There will be one book launch and possibly two, stay tuned!

From the Steele's Island web page. Link below.

This time we’re going to Tassie to Steele’s Island. Looks perfect for a bunch of nerdy writers!

So I’d like to raise a glass of cyber champagne to:

My writing friends, ROR ten years* on and still going strong!

* We couldn’t squeeze in a ROR last year in 2011, which would have been exactly 10 years, so this 2012 ROR is our official 10 year birthday bash.

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Marianne’s Angel Arias is out!

Posted by Rowena Cory Daniells on October 18, 2011

Doing the Happy Dance for Marianne. Angel Arias, sequel to Burn Bright is out. Not only does this book have a superb cover, but a great clip with music by Yunyu and clip by my DH, Daryl. (R & D Studios)

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Yay for Marianne!

Posted by Rowena Cory Daniells on July 28, 2011

Marianne gets a two page spread in Sydney Morning Herald! Yay,  Marianne.

It’s rare to see a genre writer get this kind of publicity in the mainstream print paper. Should be more of it.

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Aurealis Award Wins for ROR Writers!

Posted by Rowena Cory Daniells on May 21, 2011

First of all, it must be said that being a finalist in these awards is an achievement. Congrats to all the finalists. Secondly, I’d like to congratulate everyone who won in their sections.

But, since this is the ROR blog, I’m going to do a WOOT for the team.

Winner of the Young Adult Short Story Aurealis Award:

Margo Lanagan ‘A Thousand Flowers’ published in ‘Zombies Vs Unicorns’, by Allen & Unwin.

Winner Horror Short Story Aurealis Awards:

Richard Harland ‘The Fear’, which appeared in ‘Macabre: A Journey through Australia’s Darkest Fears’, published by Brimstone Press.

Winner Fantasy Novel Aurealis Awards:

Tansy Rayner Roberts ‘Power and Majesty’, published by Voyager, (Harper Collins).

Winner Science Fiction Novel Aurealis Awards:

Marienne de Pierres  ‘Transformation Space’ published by Orbit (Hachette).

Break out the cyber champers!

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Countdown to the Aurealis Awards 2011!

Posted by Rowena Cory Daniells on May 20, 2011

Well, it’s that time of year again. And this year the Aurealis Awards will be held in Sydney. Harper Collins Voyager is sponsoring the awards. Kudos to the new AA management team, SpecFaction for pulling it all together. A national award like this with a different panel for each section, and a different panel for both the novels length and short stories is a major taks to organise.

This year the RORees have books and short stories in several section.

Young Adult Short Story

Dirk Flinthart has a story in this section. Goodluck with ‘One Story, No Refunds’ which appeared in ‘Shiny’ #6, from Twelfth Planet Press.

I’d wish Dirk all the luck inthe world, but this is where it gets tricky because Margo Langan has a story in the same section. ‘A Thousand Flowers’ published in ‘Zombies Vs Unicorns’, by Allen & Unwin.

Then to make matters even more complicated, Tansy Rayner Roberts has a story which she co-wrote with Kaia Landelius in this section. ‘Nine Times’ appeared in ‘Worlds Next Door’, published by Fablecroft Publishing.

Horror Short Story

Richard Harland’s story ‘The Fear’, which appeared in ‘Macabre: A Journey through Australia’s Darkest Fears’, published by Brimstone Press.

Horror Novel

Here we have Trent Jamieson with the first book of his ‘Death Works’ trilogy, ‘Death Most Definite’, published by Orbit (Hachette).

Fantasy Novel

Here Trent’s book ‘Death Most Definite’ appears again, along with book one of Tansy’s Creature Court trilogy, ‘Power and Majesty’, published by Voyager, (Harper Collins).

Science Fiction Short Story

Tansy does it again, with her short story ‘Relentless Adaptions’, which appeared in ‘Sprawl’, published by Twelfth Planet Press.

Science Fiction Novel

Marienne de Pierres’ books from her ‘Sentients of Orion’ series, ‘Mirror Space’ and ‘Transformation Space’ publsihed by Orbit (Hachette).

So, here’s wishing the RORees best of luck on Saturday night. TAnd while we’re at it the ROR team would like to wish all the finalists* the best of luck and congratulate them all for making it into the final 5 or less.

We’ll keep you posted. Tansy is going to be a presenter, so I’m sure she’ll be tweeting from the audience.

*For those of you who would like to view the complet list of finalist see here.

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RORees appear on the Aurealis Awards Final Lists

Posted by Rowena Cory Daniells on March 26, 2011

Well, it’s that time of year again and the finalists for the Aurealis Awards have been announced.  (See here for the Press Release with the full list).

But for now I’m going to do the  Happy Dance for my fellow RORees.

In the Young Adult Short Story Section, we have Dirk Flinthart with his story One Story, No Refunds (Shiny#6, Twelfth Planet Press)  . And this is where it gets interesting, because Margo’s story A Thousand Flowers (Zombies Vs Unicorns, Allen and Unwin) is also nominated in the same section. And that’s not all, Tansy Rayner Roberts’ story Nine Times (Co-written with Kaia Landelius, published in Worlds Next Door, Fablecroft Publishing) is also a finalist in the same section. All I can say is what a line up!

In the Horror Short Story Section, Richard Harland’s, The Fear (Macabre: A Journey Through Australia’s Darkest Fears, Brimstone Press) is a finalist.

The we come to the Horror Novel Section where Trent’s Death Most Definite (Orbit, Hachette) is a finalist. And just to prove how versatile Trent is, his book is also a finalist in the Fantasy Novel Section! Along with Tansy Rayner Roberts’ Power and Majesty (Harper Voyager, Harper Collins).


Then we come to the Science Fiction Short Story Section where Tansy’s Relentless Adaptions (Sprawl, Twelfth Planet Press) is a finalist.

And finally we come to Science Fiction Novel Section. Here Marianne de Pierres has two books, Mirror Space and Transformation Space (Orbit, Hachette). These are the last two books of the Sentients of Orion series.

So I’m doing the Happy Dance for Richard, Dirk, Margo, Trent, Tansy and Marianne. It’s an honour for my fellow RORees to be finalists and fingers crossed on the big night in May!

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Pod Bright!

Posted by tansyrr on March 22, 2011

Yes, I’ve launched another podcast. One was not enough. Galactic Chat aims to fill the gap in the SF podcast market by interviewing Australian authors – there are plenty of podcasts out there that do this, but most of these are based in the UK or US and so revolve around those countries’ publishing schedules. We totally needed one of our own!

Alisa, Alex and I will be interviewing a bunch of writers over the year, hoping to tie the interviews as close as possible to this year’s releases of books into Aussie bookshops.

It may be of particular interest to you guys that our first interview is with our own lovely Marianne de Pierres! You can go and listen to it on the Podbean site or download it – I will update when it’s available on iTunes!

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Winner Marianne’s Give-away!

Posted by Rowena Cory Daniells on January 11, 2011

Marianne has put everyone’s name into a cyber champagne bucket and Ta Da, pulled out:

Rachel’s name!

So Rachel, if you email Marianne on:


she will organise to send you your copy of the book!

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Meet Marianne de Pierres …

Posted by Rowena Cory Daniells on January 4, 2011

Marianne and I met at the very first VISION writing group meeting (when it didn’t even have a name). She had escaped from her family (3 small boys) caught a ferryboat across from Stradbroke Island and was determined to pursue her writing. The rest, as they say, is history.

After Orbit picked up the Parrish series, Marianne went on to write the Sentients of Orion series. Her contemporary, paranormal mystery series Tara Sharp is published with Allen and Unwin, and the first book of her new YA series Burn Bright will be released by Random House this year.

Marianne has a copy of Sharp Turn to give away. Look for the give-away question at the end of the post.




Q: All three Parrish books were short listed for an Aurealis Awards and White  Mice made the concept into a game. This series was such a break neck adventure there was hardly time for the reader to draw breath. I see there is a We Want more Parrish Facebook group and you are writing a Parrish novella. Can you tell us a little more about this and do you see yourself writing more books in the Parrish universe?


I had always intended to write at least one more novel, if not another trilogy, but things didn’t work out that way. My publisher was keen for me to branch out, and frankly, at the end of Crash Deluxe, I needed a break from Parrish. She is rather intense to have in your life every day!

I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to finish Parrish’s story though, and I do believe one will come along eventually. Quite coincidentally, at the time Cels Jansink started the FB group, I was approached by an e-book publisher for a SF novelette. It seemed to be the perfect moment to revisit Parrish, so at the moment I’m writing a novelette (10K) which will be a prequel.






Q: Glitter Rose collection from Twelfth Planet Press. I always had the feeling that this collection grew out of your time living on Stradbroke Island. The reader is immersed in a dreamy sense of dislocation and otherness. What did you set out to explore with Glitter Rose?

Yes, Glitter Rose was inspired by both my time living on the island, and my love affair with JG Ballard’s collection, Vermillion Sands. Stradbroke Island has a very strong sense of mythology which I wanted to explore it my own way. Islands are often places people run away to, escaping their life elsewhere. When I began to write, Tinashi’s story came from nowhere, as if it had been waiting in the wings for the right set of circumstances to give it voice. I was searching for a sense of melancholy and tragic romanticism, and I feel that, to a degree, I achieved it in those stories.




Q: The first two Sentients of Orion books were short listed for an Aurealis Award and the next two have been nominated. (fingers crossed!) This series required a lot of research and took the reader far into the future across the universe into unfamiliar concepts. You must have a real love for vast space operas. When you started out writing this series, did you have any idea how far it would take you and your characters?






At the time I started writing Dark Space I was beguiled by the new wave of space opera and wanted to be a part of it. However, I felt there were still a lack of developed female characters in the genre, and definitely a lack of SF stories that portrayed a woman’s POV through events like childbirth and rape and war. To add to that, I had a strong sense of the scope and the philosophical underpinnings that I wanted to explore. What I didn’t realise was how emotionally draining it would be to guide the characters through that kind of landscape. The hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Q: Burn Bright is a dark look at teenagers in the near future. What prompted you to write this series and what was the inspiration for the world. (Can we assume you lead a dissolute life as a teenager? <grin>)

It’s actually not near future. It’s a fantastical world with SF underpinnings. The fantasy element is gothic and dark and more window dressing than anything else, while the plot functions well and truly as either far-future or far-past SF. The story has MANY themes running through it; dystopia masquerading as a utopia, the divide between youth and their elders, repression, patriarchies vs matriarchies. But the one thing that arose from my own past, that I particularly

wanted to explore, was the concept of pleasure within our moral and religious frameworks. Guilt seems to pay a large part in keeping society functioning within acceptable boundaries. I wondered what would happen if we removed guilt and let young people indulge purely hedonistic pursuits without it. Retra/Naif is the story’s moral compass but what happens to her when she discovers pleasure without guilt? Are moral values in any sense innate? Or are the purely a result of environment and upbringing? My belief is the society will self regulate. But you’ll have to read the book to find out if that happens!

One of the most exciting things about this project has been my collaboration with indie musician, Yunyu. She has written a simply mesmerising song to accompany the release of the book.

Q: The first book in Marianne’s Tara Sharp series, Sharp Shooter, won the Davitt Award (for Best Novel by an Australian female crime writer). You told me when you started writing this book that you were having so much fun with it. Is this why you branched into writing contemporary, paranormal mystery series based around Tara Sharp? And where do you see the series going?

I wrote it very much as an antidote to the Sentients of Orion which was exhausting, research heavy and demanding in every way. Tara Sharp was a balm to my rubbed-raw writing muscle. Tara’s character felt so natural to write and the world was contemporary – no difficult concepts to determine.

I’ve always incorporated humour in my writing, but usually it tends to black humour e.g. Parrish Plessis. I surprised myself by writing some decent slapstick in the Sharp books. I giggled my way through them and hoped readers would too.

Q: You write this series as Marianne Delacourt. Why are you using a pseudonym for the Tara Sharp series?

Out of respect for my science fiction readership really. I didn’t want them to pick up a Tara Sharp novel and expect them to find the same kind of emotional intensity and deep philosophical questions that underpinned the Sentients of Orion.

Q: Peacemaker Series looks like it will be a lot of fun. It grew from a Virgin Jackson short story and it brings together Australian outback, cowboys and urban fantasy (in the bush). You grew up on a wheat farm in Western Australia, how much of your childhood is there in the character Virgin Jackson?

I grew up on a diet of boy-hero/action/cowboy stories and was the youngest of a farming family. I had so much freedom and time when I was young and spent my days in imaginary worlds being one of those heroes. I used to practise with dad’s stockwhips, go bareback riding, spend too much time in trees and ride shotgun with dad when he chased sheep stealers off the property. If they aren’t the right ingredients for Peacemaker then…

As I turn 50 today and spend some time reflecting on my life, I realise how incredibly blessed my childhood was. Thanks mum and dad!

Q: You are certainly diversifying with the genres you write in and the publishers you are working with. I’ve heard publishers say that they don’t like writers to write across genres because it dilutes their reading audience. As a savvy writer who plans her career you must have a rationale behind your diversification.


When you choose to write across genres you have to be aware that you will need to build a unique audience for each identity – this takes time. From that point of view, it makes sense to consolidate and stay in one genre. But I hate creative constriction and believe diversification is healthy – if that’s what stimulates you.




Q: Back in 2001 when we set up ROR, we created the group to push ourselves and our writing craft. Do you feel that it has succeeded? I know some of us have very tight deadlines to deliver books and it is not always possible to get to ROR with a completed manuscript. Is there any direction you would like to take ROR so that it keeps pushing you?

I believe the current format we have in ROR is still very effective. The main problem is the logistics of trying to get seven people available at the same time with enough material. Often the timing doesn’t work out.

Q: What are you currently working on?

I’ll write it in point form to keep it brief J

Night Creatures #2 – Angel Arias (dark teen fantasy)

Peacemaker #1 – Peacemaker (urban fantasy)

Tara Sharp #3 – Too Sharp! (humourous crime)

Parrish Novelette

Stalking Daylight SF screenplay collaboration with Lynne Jamneck (nearly finished)

Q: At ROR we always do our realistic goals and our dream goals. So what are your realistic goals (what are you currently working on) and what are your dream goals?

My dream goals are many and varied and for the most part private. However, I would say that I’d love to write an episode/episodes for a really quality TV series like Spooks or Fringe.

Oh and please, Alan Ball, can you pick up one of my books next time you’re in a bookshop!

Here are the chatrooms if you want to catch up with other MDP readers.

Follow Marianne on Twitter. @mdepierres


Question for giveaway: What’s the full name of Tara Sharp’s narcoleptic security chief?


The give-away will stay open until Tuesday of next week, when Marianne will select a winner.

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