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Winners Paul Garretty’s book …

Posted by Rowena Cory Daniells on February 15, 2011

“Not drowning, waving”
Well, that should really read drowning in waves – mad surfers the lot of you. We even had Mexican wavers. It was difficult deciding which waves to catch, but then picking winners was never quite on my wavelength, (not counting Annie, of course).

However, the two stand up winners for the complimentary copies of “the Seventh Wave” are: Thoraya for her sine wave (had to look that one up), and my personal favourite Peter Cooper’s New Wave. Congratulations you two, please send me your postal addresses to:


and your copies will be  paddled out to you on the next  passing long board.

Consolation prizes to all the other entrants can be found at your local bookstore (for a very modest investment ). Thanks to all for your kind comments, congratulations and encouragement.
Best of


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Winner Above and Below …

Posted by Rowena Cory Daniells on February 7, 2011

Ben Peek says:

It was a bad pop culture dream, it really was. I spent a day humming the songs of William Shatner, and wondering just if I should watch that new series he is in (I didn’t, I won’t).

Then I found myself linking youtube videos of bad music to people. I became a menace, terrifying people with my links. A lot of people will tell you that this is actually no different that my normal life, but it is, it is. I mean, I don’t usually tell people they get a free book after I’ve spent my time linking Rick Astley in the comments of a blog post, or researching obscure jazz drummers.

Which, of course, is why Olivya and Chris will end up with a copy each, because I couldn’t split the difference between obscurity and trash.

Sadly, it’s the truest statement about my life I’ve ever written.

To organise your copy, email Ben at:



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Winner Ian Irvine’s Give-away

Posted by Rowena Cory Daniells on January 28, 2011

Ian Irvine has offered a copy of The Headless Highwayman and The Grasping Goblin. Here’s what he says:












Tricky, very tricky. Who doesn’t feel the pain of all those suffering from floods in Queensland, NSW and Victoria? Should the prize therefore go to Cels for selflessly using magic for the greater good in cleaning away all the flood damage? Or to Louise – what’s not to love about a maniacal villain who wants to take over the world? And then there’s Chris, who just wants to slay dragons and protect his kids, not to mention impress them a little, a hard thing to do in these troubled times. Ian wipes away a sentimental tear.

Sean, that old iconoclast, was under serious consideration despite not answering the question, until he undid all that good work by slagging off my mates in the Wizards Guild who are, in fact, gentle as baa lambs. A vile slur on a noble profession, sir.

But the prize must go to Thoraiya for the plan to bring Gliese 581g into orbit somewhere out past Mars, as a replacement for Earth once we’ve totally wasted it, which could be any day now. At first sight this seems utterly noble, selfless and good, and my wicked authorial heart choked at the thought of rewarding such a plan. But then I thought: this proposal isn’t good at all. It’s just about the ultimate wickedness. Not content with ruining our own planet, Thoraiya plans to bring in a bigger, richer, more diverse and more beautiful substitute so we we can pillage and plunder and ruin it too.

Oh villainy! Oh Machiavellian cunning! Oh consummate evil! Thou must be rewarded!

Thoraiya please contact Ian on: irvinei(at)bigpond(dot) to organise postage of your prize!

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Richard’s Winners!

Posted by Rowena Cory Daniells on January 25, 2011

I know it’s usual to say how hard it was to pick a winner even when it wasn’t, but this time it’s the simple truth! Many great Italian names for the Italian juggernaut, but in the end I decided on Imperator because it has that extra edge of grandiloquence and pride. if Mussolini had had a juggernaut, I bet he’d have called it ‘Imperator’ (Living in a non-juggernaut era, he probably gave the name to his dog or cat or something.

The choice for the American juggernaut winner was absolutely neck and neck. Several suggestions were a bit satirical – I liked that! But in e end, it was a toss-up between Independence (black and satirical) and Manifest Destiny (I love the historical implications). I agonized and agonized, until I remembered that Laura had allowed David to claim first rights on Manifest Destiny … But David was already winning a copy of Worldshaker with ‘Imperator’! Phew – that made it easy. ‘Independence’ for the American juggernaut, courtesy of Scott!

Congratulations to the two winners! Email me on


Thanks to everyone who took part.  It’s been fun!

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Winner Rowena’s Give-away

Posted by Rowena Cory Daniells on January 18, 2011

Well, people certainly came up with some fun fantasy worlds to holiday in!


I liked Chris L’s idea of 50 Fantastic Holiday Destinations (from fantasy worlds). I’m a big Fritz Leiber fan from way back, so I would happily visit the Bazaar of the Bizarre. And I must admit, when I’d not well I put on the first Lord of the Rings movie to watch because I find the Shire so relaxing.

And Louise knows her world inside out, because she would visit her own fantasy world!

Cels would run away to the Faerie Realm, being very careful not to eat or drink anything while she was there.

Sean would go to Rivendell. Here, I  must admit that this is also one of my favourite parts of the LOTR movie because I love the sets the designed for Rivendell.

Thoraiya would happily spend a holiday in Randland, from Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series.

With so many great suggestions it was really hard to come up with a winner. So I decided to name you all winners.  Chris L, Louise, Cels, Sean and Thoraiya email me privately to organise the posting of your prizes!




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Winner Dirk Flinthart

Posted by Rowena Cory Daniells on January 17, 2011

Dirk says:

David Kay has come out on top, with his ‘Smooth Lemon Seafood’, though I love the whole roast lamb.

David please email Dirk to organise postage of your book.


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